Holding a Funeral during Covid-19

We are living a time of new rules and regulations, many of which change without notice. Here is a guide to the current Government information on Funerals.

Funerals and Memorial Gatherings are still restricted to a maximum of 30 people in attendance. To minimise the risk of infection, to mourners and staff, social distancing of at least 2m between households should be maintained.

Households should remain separate from each other. This includes travelling to and from the funeral where possible. If a funeral car contains people from more than one household, they are advised to wear masks, keep windows open and face away from each other.

Wearing of masks for all mourners and any staff is required in places of worship, at indoor venues and recommended outdoors.

Those with symptoms of Covid-19 should not attend a funeral.

Those wishing to attend who are in the ‘high risk’ category should have every reasonable safety procedure in place to keep them safe from potential infection.

Opportunities for the regular washing of hands should be taken. Hand sanitiser or wipes should also be used.

Some ideas for ways to manage funerals during this difficult time might be:

  • To live stream the funeral service, allowing people to watch who cannot attend.
  • To postpone a memorial gathering or Wake until the restrictions have eased.
  • To create a video of memories that many people can send their short clips to, gathering stories and
    history that will be available for reflection in separate households, until people can come together
  • Planting a tree that can be visited in the future and for generations to come.

Information correct on 19 th October 2020.