Choosing Floral Tributes

Our blog post today is about flowers. Floral tributes are so connected to our traditions of burial and remembrance.

Floral tributes can be a beautiful and evocative way to mark a special date, or as part of a ceremony. They can also take so many forms, shapes, colours and even fragrances, all of which we can use to honour the passions of our loved one.

Here, a family used flower petals from a favourite plant to scatter around their Living Memorial ashes interment. This particular interment took place at Woodland Burial Company.

Making the experience less stark and more meaningful is part of how a floral tribute can help us during grief. In this case, the family also chose a flowering tree as the living memorial. Over time it will grow and thrive, offering a visual comfort each time they visit.

Thinking about our environmentally positive impact, there are also some important requests we can make when using a florist to create a funeral tribute.


Ask them to avoid using:
  • glitter or fake snow. both of which are often eaten by birds and can cause problems to soil too
  • plastic, unless this is to be collected and recycled or reused, plastic is a real problem
  • fake berries, pine cones etc which are then eaten by wildlife and cause problems
Encourage them to start using:
  • wherever possible, locally grown plants that are in season
  • methods that allow plants to last longer, e.g mosses that hold water
  • consider a living tribute such as a plant that can be left at the interment site, or taken home and planted somewhere special/kept indoors

Flowers are so much apart of our memory keeping. Choosing the right tribute for your special person can be an emotional task, but honouring their memory and their love for flowers is a great gift.