Meet Our Partners

We often get asked about how the Living Memorial Kits came into being. So today it’s time to meet our partners – Verde Products Inc from the USA.

Team Work

While working on our sister company Woodland Burial Company we met a group of like-minded researchers, people as concerned as we were about the impact of cremated ashes and burial on the soil. The working relationship was so positive that the research team have now moved on to develop even more exciting products.

Working in a team is a good way to share ideas and good practice, as well as skills and knowledge.

Headed by Bob and Annette Jenkins the team covers a broad range of specialisms:

Forensic Taphonomist – Prof David Carter
Mortuary Science – Mr R Jenkins
Forensic Entomologist – Dr Neal Haskell
Forensic Anthropologist – Dr Sarah Kiley Schoff
Plant & Soil Specialist – Dr Sherry Yarkosky
Pharmacist – Mrs A Jenkins

Let Your Love Grow

In the US, the kits are called Let Your Love Grow. You can meet our partners via their website, it has some beautiful testimonials on, and you can follow them on social media too. We work closely together to make sure our messages are clear and easy to understand. Living Memorial has a new brochure out soon, explaining in more detail how our Kits are made, and why they are so important.

You can get a copy by emailing, there will also be one in each Kit too.


Environmentally Positive Choices

Choosing to use a Living Memorial Kit is making an environmentally positive decision. For the same reasons you might have invested in a reusable cup, hybrid car, or changed your energy supplier. Our Kits are just one more part of that ongoing process to improve the world for generations to come. With people making these positive choices in the US and Europe we feel excited about the future.

Buying a Kit means you are working towards UN Sustainable Development Goals 12 & 15!