Growing for Wellbeing

It’s Growing for Wellbeing Week!

We often celebrate and share Awareness Days that ‘fit’ with our priorities. This week we have been celebrating the benefits of growing and nurturing for our mental and physical health.


Why not take a look on their website? There is a wonderful free download during Growing for Wellbeing Week with ideas and inspiration for all ages.

Many of our customers started their love for gardening and plants from growing seeds as a child. Even if you only manage some cress this week to grow on a windowsill, it will be worth the joy of eating it in a sandwich or salad once it’s ready. Often there is a sense of achievement and positivity from nurturing life in this way.

Living Memorial Kits are also designed to support wellbeing, during grief, via growing. Supporting our clients by allowing their loved one to thrive and nourish a living plant. This could be a tree, shrub, vegetable patch or even a container plant.

While previously death was the end of the cycle of life, leaving toxic remains that are harmful to the Earth. Now, with our unique product, you can kick start the cycle again! The mental health benefits of watching a plant growing, perhaps changing with the seasons, is well documented. Knowing that it is also supported by your special person can also help us find peace.


If this topic has ignited a love for the natural world, you may also be interested in the Nature Book Club. Each month, via a Facebook Group, the members read a book on a specific topic and share their thoughts. It is very informal and covers all aspects of life on earth. You could even make some suggestions for books you may have on your ‘to be read’ pile.