June 20, 2021

10 Father's Day Memorials

10 Father's Day Memorials
Today we are sharing 10 Father’s Day ideas, to help mark the day in a way that is manageable. It can be a challenging day for those who no longer have their dad around, for the dads without their kids for those who have a difficult relationship with their father.

So how can you celebrate Father’s Day?

There is no right or wrong way to mark the day, but these may give you some inspiration. For Dads missing their children, there may be versions of these that still work.

  1. Cook his favourite meal, or eat out at a favourite restaurant or cafe. It could be a hot dog from the van or a pie on the terraces.
  2. Watch a favourite film or TV Show, laughing at the bits he found funny can help us connect and feel close.
  3. Volunteer or donate to a cause he supported, or one relevant to his life. You can do this as a tribute and many organisations have a special way of marking such donations.
  4. Make a playlist of their favourite music, or music from a particular era.
  5. Share a story from memory, and begin a memory chain. You may learn things you never knew by connecting with people from different parts of their life.
  6. Wear a piece of memorable clothing, a hat, watch, tie or you may have made something like a quilt from old shirts.
  7. Consider a living memorial, a plant or tree, where you can visit and reflect.
  8. Spend time in a place he loved.
  9. Be with others if you find that easier. There are even specialist groups that may offer support of different kinds, depending on what you need. The Good Grief Trust has contacts for over 800 organisations that may be helpful.
  10. You may prefer to simply turn off, tune out and ignore the whole day. Grief comes in waves and impacts on people very differently. Do what you need to do, without pressure, and remember that each year will be different.
If you would like ideas for marking Mum’s too, we’ve got another post for that.