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Sadly, around 600,000 people die in the UK each year.
Around 80% are cremated.

One of the preferred ways to remember a loved one or a pet, is to place their cremated remains at the base of a tree or a plant. To grow a living memorial to them in a garden or special place.

What most people do not realise, is that cremated remains are harmful to the ground and the root structure of trees and plants, as they have high levels of pH and sodium.
And that is where Living Memorial soil blend can help. When mixed with cremated remains, it reduces the high levels of Sodium and balances the pH levels, releasing nutrients that allow plant life to flourish. Our soil has been developed by leading scientists after years of careful study.

Since launching in 2018, our Living Memorial soil blend has been sold to customers throughout the UK. We’ve helped ensure that hundreds of living memorial trees and plants will flourish in years to come.

Interested in Living Memorial soil blend as wholesale?

Crematoria owners and land managers can also use Living Memorial soil blend to revive areas of land suffering the effects of years of scattering and laying of ashes. We also work through other partnerships to provide our soil including as a white label solution.

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