Living Memorial: protecting our environment for future generations

Protecting our environment for future generations

Living Memorial soil blend is scientifically proven to solve the issue of toxicity present in human and pet cremated remains.

A living memorial for loved one

Cremated remains are toxic to our natural world

Cremated remains can be very harmful to plant life and ecosystems. When buried in the ground or scattered in large amounts, they alter the composition of the soil, causing long term damage and impacting future growth and regeneration.

Living Memorial soil blend, when mixed with cremated remains, has been scientifically proven to neutralise toxicity, releasing nutrients that allow plant life to flourish.

How is our soil blend unique?
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The common myth around cremated ashes

It is a common myth that cremated ashes put back into the ground will nourish new life. Most people are unaware that the cremated remains are in fact toxic to our environment.

Whether you want to plant a living memorial for your loved one or scatter their ashes across a special place, our unique soil blend helps you usher them into a new life that is safe for the environment.

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What our customers say

We had no idea that human cremated remains were harmful to the earth. Living Memorial soil blend allowed us to plant a beautiful tree in memory of Grandma, safe in the knowledge it was being kind to the earth and would allow the tree to flourish and grow for many years to come.

Holly the labrador was part of our family for 14 years. We kept her cremated ashes as we wanted to plant a tree in the garden where she happily spent most of her time. Living Memorial soil blend meant we could plant her ashes confident that the tree would grow and be a constant and beautiful reminder of how special she was.

As a tribute to my father, we scattered his ashes under the lilac tree at the bottom of the garden and planted a Euonymus nearby in his memory. It felt good to know we weren’t doing any environmental damage with the planting. I often look out of the bedroom window to the spot where Dad is and think of him.

SC, Hallatrow, Bath
PB, Berkshire

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