June 01, 2022



Every June the Wildlife Trusts host #30DaysWild. 

What's it all about?

Encouraging young people and families to do something every day of June to support nature. There is free pack available either online or in the post. This gives you some wildflower seeds for one of the day's activities as well as a calendar for the whole month, to record what you get up to. 

There are lots of ideas on their website, and we've come up with a few too! 

Why Not Try... 

  1. If you have a garden, check that hedgehogs can pass through on their nightly walks. Adding a 'hedgehog highway' to your fences is a great way to support this native species. 
  2. Consider planting a tree, either in an area you have available or via a local group. There are lots of Jubliee initiatives, as well as Canopy 2050 communities. If you're part of a free-recycle group, maybe ask if anyone has a tree in a pot that needs planting out? 
  3. Instead of throwing away fat after cooking any meat, keep a bag of porridge oats in the kitchen and throw a handful into the fat before it cools down. When the oaty mix is cold, you can make delicious fat balls or leave on a bird feeder. It's also much easier to clean your cookware, and doesn't clog up the pipes either. Win, Win, Win. 
  4. Leave out some water for wildlife. If possible some on the ground, and some higher up to help all the wildlife in the area. This is particularly helpful during the hotter months. Make sure there are some stones or a way to prevent any smaller animals/insects drowning. 
  5. Learn about food miles and try to eat more seasonal fruit and vegetables in June. You might even try growing your own! 

If you'd like to share any of your activities from #'30DaysWild, we'd love to hear from you. Feel free to send photos or stories to claire.lyons@livingmemorial.co.uk. You might end up on our social media feed.