April 26, 2022

5 Ways to Remember a Pet

5 Ways to Remember a Pet

Pets are Precious

It can be hard to express the connection we feel with an animal, pets certainly are precious. Often, when they pass away, our grief can be just as intense as for a person (sometimes more so). Our pets are in our lives daily and the loss of that regular connection can be deeply felt.

Memory Keeping

Here are five suggestions for ways to manage the loss of a pet.
  • Create a memory box for them. Collate together some favourite photographs, any certificates or significant items and make or buy a memory box to keep them in. You can then access this whenever you feel the need, or cry or to laugh.
  • Tell their story. It can be hard when people don’t like to talk about something very meaningful to us. If you don’t feel you can talk about your pet, maybe write about them in a poem, create a children’s story of some of their adventures or join a pet bereavement group.
  • Consider Pet Adoption. This is a very controversial idea, and it is not intended to suggest that a pet can be easily replaced. However, there may come a time when allowing another animal to touch your heart feels right. You could consider an animal in real need of a loving home and contact a local adoption organisation.
  • Grow a memorial. Naturally, we feel strongly that there can be a strong link between people and nature. Using a Living Memorial product to grow a tree that will be enjoyed for years to come and support the planet for all life is a powerful, uplifting activity.
  • Give a bit back. You may be able to support an organisation that specialise in helping the same animal, or specific breed, that you have lost. While it is no replacement for your pet, it may allow you to feel a connection and to know you are making a positive impact in their memory.
How ever you chose to remember your pet, over time the pain of their loss should recede as the more positive and happy memories are able to bubble to the surface. Keep a photograph of them somewhere you will see them often and cherish those special memories.

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