October 17, 2022

Baby Loss Awareness Week

Baby Loss Awareness Week


Baby Loss Awareness Week culminates in the Wave of Light on 15th October. At 7pm across the world people light candles, or even light up whole buildings, in memory of all the babies that have died. Those that were held, even for a short time, and those that could not be. 

It's an extremely emotional, but also essential, week of open discussions and support. Supporting people during their bereavement is a cornerstone of our business, and joining these difficult discussions is too. 

While our focus is on keeping cremated remains safe for the planet, we also care deeply about keeping any memorial plantings safe for the family. Often when a plant dies, it can feel like a second bereavement, which we hope to avoid with the creation of Living Memorial. 

Here are some sources of support, specifically for baby and child loss.

Specialist Charities

There are many organisations, often run by bereaved parents, that offer specialist support. Here are a few.


General Grief Support

Alongside these specialist services, there are also umbrella organisations that offer general support,. They may have links to more local choices. The one that covers most organisations is The Good Grief Trust.

When doing some research, or asking a trusted person to, you may also find alternative support ideas. For example, several football teams for bereaved dad's have been set up around the country. To find them you can search for Angels United or Men United. 

Most of these organisations have a strong presence on social media, and if you have found them helpful, or are able to offer them any support they are all in need of funds and volunteers too.

2023 and beyond

Baby Loss Awareness Week is at the same time each year, if you know of a local building, or a building you work in, that would be willing to take part in the Wave of Light, do contact them. You can also get involved in other events during the week, or just share information online.