May 25, 2022

ESG Mark Membership

ESG Mark Membership

We are so excited to share the good news that our application to join the ESG Mark has been accepted. 

What does that mean?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, Governance. It sets a standard for organisations who claim to be 'green' or 'environmentally friendly', or other claims of social responsibility. 

The requirements to join are very strict. Our staff have worked hard to meet all the administrative and information requests, as well as taking part in a long interview. This means that membership is perhaps more meaningful than some other options, where the businesses are not given such vigorous trials. 


Why Bother?

Our ethos shapes the way we do business, and the hopes we have for the image of our company. You can read more about this on our ESG Information page.

There are still things we want to improve on, and we are always striving to consider our impact on staff, community and also globally. 


What next? 

Part of our regular team meetings considers our ESG impact and areas we want to research or change. As a new start up there are still elements of our business that need to be updated as we grow. Currently we are working to improve our digital footprint - we'll let you know how that goes!