May 16, 2021

How to Choose a Plant

How to Choose a Plant
Choosing a plant is one of the biggest decisions when deciding to plant your loved ones ashes. Then you need to consider where to put them, and whether to add any other marker. Many of our customers chose to use a Living Memorial Kit as they would prefer to keep their loved one close. Using a container indoors, or planting a shrub or tree in the garden all help to solve this problem of location. The next decision, is what sort of plant to choose.

Indoor Options

You need to consider the placement of your container when choosing a plant. Will be in direct sunlight or near a draft? The plant you choose will have particular needs, and that will also determine the best type of compost to mix with your Kit. For example, an orchid would need a very aerated soil.

The space you have available will also limit the size of the container you can use. Different house plants will have different needs for their roots, By doing some research you can find a plant that is beautiful, but also practical for your home.

You should also consider:
  • Is your choice safe for children and animals (if you have any at home)?
  • How long does your choice generally last?
  • What specialist feed or treatment does your choice need?
  • How large does it grow?
Some plants are more ‘forgiving’ than others, and happy to grow in almost any conditions and even with quite poor care.

Outdoor Options

When considering using a Kit outside you can add much larger plants to your short list. You can also add a native species that will support local wildlife. Flowering shrubs can bring vibrant colours all Summer long, and if your loved one had a favourite colour that can be a good place to start.

If you are planning to stay in your home for a long time, or to plant somewhere else, you might want to think of a tree. These can become a beautiful legacy for hundreds of years. However, you need to make sure it has room to grow. Your loved one may have had a favourite tree, or memories from a special place linked to a tree (like the Sherwood Oak in Nottinghamshire or the Allerton Oak in Liverpool).

Always make sure you source your plant from a reputable place. We recommend Trees Direct as a family run, and helpful place to start. They also offer a good range of native plants, helping us all to support local wildlife and keep any foreign soil particles and pests away.