August 09, 2022

Let Your Love Grow

Let Your Love Grow

On the website we talk about our partners in the US. They were the start of Living Memorial, the first people to discover that so little research had been done on the impact of cremated remains - and decide to do it themselves! 

We have been inspired by Bob and Annette Jenkins since those first meetings and discussions many years ago. We'd like to introduce them to you too. 

Bob is a graduate of the Kentucky School of Mortuary Science and has more than 40 years of experience in funeral service. His background includes funeral home, cemetery and crematory management as well as sales management for two national funeral service product companies. He serves on the board of a pet crematory and consults with pet crematories and cemeteries to help them better serve their clientele.

A pharmacist for more than 30 years, Annette also helps coordinate the company’s ongoing plant and soil research. Her scientific background gives her an informed perspective as they preserve their integrity and ensure that Verde Products helps create living memorials that thrive for years.

Annette not only understands the heartache that stems from the loss of a loved one, but also embraces her role in helping others overcome it. With Let Your Love Grow, Annette is proud to make a difference in people’s lives while giving back to the environment.

You can find out more about the research team on their website

We look forward to working alongside Bob and Annette for many more years to come, creating new products and encouraging a passion for our planet.