August 23, 2022

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

We discovered early on that cremated remains are bad for the environment. They can be damaging to both soil and water and hence harmful to plants and animals. But we found very little research on the topic.

We found a US based company (Verde Products Inc) who came to the same realisation many years before. In collaboration with a leading body of US scientists, they had led extensive research and development to create a natural organic soil blend to mitigate this problem.

In the US this product is successfully sold by our partners Let Your Love grow inc. In the UK it has been developed to suit our own climatic conditions and become the Living Memorial soil blend that has been on sale in the UK since 2018.


Simon HoldenSimon is our CEO and responsible for the introduction of Living Memorial soil blend here in the UK. He is passionate about the environment and has extensive experience in the application of research and development. Simon is also the CEO of The Woodland Burial Company where our use of the soil originated in 2018.

His favourite SDG is no. 15 Life on Land.


Leo WaltonLeo is our Chief Operating Officer and is accountable for the strategic direction and business administration side of Living Memorial. With a background in science and engineering, he oversees all aspects of research, development, production and distribution.

His favourite SDG is no.9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure


Dan SheltonDan is our Business Development Manager and looks after all our external partner relationships where we provide Living Memorial soil blend to crematoria owners or land managers dealing with the impact of ashes toxicity. He also works with partners – new and existing – looking to sell and distribute our soil and as a white label solution.

His favourite SDG is no.12 Responsible Consumption & Production.



Our admin is covered by Claire, who works behind the scenes, keeping all the threads together in a remote working team. We also have Ben, who packs and packages the blended soil for each order. All of our staff are paid a real living wage, and we work hard to make sure we are working way above the basic health and safety regulations. 
As part of our application to join ESG Mark, we had to provide evidence of the ways we work, and how we feel we are meeting our Environmental, Social and Governance aims. You can read more about that here