April 10, 2022

Poisonous Plants and Pets

Poisonous plants for pets
We recently shared a list of poisonous plants for pets on our social media channels. It was so popular, we thought it would be useful to add here too. Blog posts will also be available for longer. Often when scrolling, we can never find things again!

There are a number of normal garden plants that can be poisonous plants for pets. Here is the list we shared:

Plants toxic to cats and dogs

You can check for local varieties in your area. Thank you to East Shore Veterinary Services for this starter list. If you have a very ‘chewy’ animal, it’s much more of a concern than for those that don’t tend to eat while outside.

Some people only make changes to their own gardens. However, you may also want to check any gardens regularly visited by your pets. Alternatively, keep them on a lead if you are intending to visit a formal garden or stately home for example.

Many of these plants are also seasonal, so you may only need to monitor your pets for a short time each year. Avoiding the spring flowers for example in local parks, by walking in different areas for those eight weeks.

This is not an exhaustive list, and if you have a pet that eats anything, you may wish to check each plant in your garden. A quick way to do this is via a plant identification app. There are several of these available if you do some research, LeafSnap and PlantSnap are the most well known. You can take a photo of the plant using a smartphone with the app downloaded, and it will tell you more about that plant. They have a very comprehensive database covering 90% of known plants.