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Living Memorial soil blend is easy to use and comes with simple instructions. No gardening expertise required.

You can confidently plant a living memorial for your loved one safe in the knowledge that it will flourish though the years.

If you are intending to scatter cremation ashes, you can mix with our soil blend to reduce the harmful effects and ensure it is safer for the environment.

Whether you plan to plant, scatter or bury, Living Memorial soil blend helps new life flourish.

Our sharing ashes is intended for use where a person's cremated remains have been shared between several people. It comes with a specifically sized scoop to allow you to easily measure the recommended amount of ashes.

About Living Memorial Person

What’s included?
  • 1 strong steel container with carrying handle, measuring 36cm high and 30cm wide, and weighing approximately 6.5kg when full.
  • Specific quantity of Living Memorial soil blend organic mixture inside the steel container.
  • Mixing directions for burial or planting on the container label.
Living Memorial soil is ideal for:
  • Bushes
  • Perennials
  • Small trees
  • Ground plantings
  • Potted plantings

"We had no idea that human cremated remains were harmful to the earth. We wanted to plant a tree in memory of Grandma as she loved to spend time in the garden and she loved nature. Living Memorial soil blend allowed us to plant a beautiful tree safe in the knowledge it was being kind to the earth and would allow the tree to flourish and grow for many years to come"
- SC, Hallatrow, Bath

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How to use the LM soil blend
It really is very simple to use Living Memorial soil blend. Find out all there is to know here.
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