What’s included?
  • 1 strong steel container with carrying handle.
    • The container is 24cm high and 18cm wide, and weighs approximately 1.72kg for the Medium Pet and 0.86kg for Small Pet.
    • For Large Pet the container is 36cm high and 30cm wide and weighs approximately 3.87kg
  • Specific quantity of Living Memorial soil blend organic mixture inside the steel container.
  • Mixing directions for burial or planting on the container label.
Living Memorial soil is ideal for:
  • Bushes
  • Perennials
  • Small trees
  • Ground plantings
  • Potted plantings

"I found Living Memorial after lots of googling trying to find out how I could plant my pet's ashes. We had to have our cat put to sleep which my husband and I were devastated about. I knew straight away that I wanted to have a plant to remember him by. By using your product, we could plant his ashes in with a pot grown Christmas tree and when we brought it inside for Christmas it was extra special. We had a positive experience with Living Memorial. The instructions were very clear and it was easy to use."
- Mrs H.

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How to use the LM soil blend
It really is very simple to use Living Memorial soil blend. Find out all there is to know here.
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