November 01, 2021

Using a Florist

Using a Florist
Another in our series on helpful people for our celebrations of life, funerals and caring for our loved ones. Today looking at ways to work with a florist and ensure they meet our environmental values.

Who to choose?

The easiest way to find a suitable florist is usually word of mouth. This will give you a starting list of local, independent florists that people you trust have used and found helpful. You may have been to a funeral or celebration recently and can ask for a recommendation from the venue or the organiser.

You will probably find a local directory, online business group or community magazine that local florists may advertise with. Your local church is also a good place to start.

What to ask?

If you have a good idea of what you want, be clear about that at the beginning. If the florist doesn’t make the item you want, or can’t meet your deadline, it will save a lot of wasted time to establish that early on.


  • for some examples of their previous work, especially if it is similar to your request.
  • if they deliver, and how far they are willing to do this. what the price includes, and excludes.
  • where they source their flowers.
  • what they offer as environmentally friendly alternatives.

Personal touch

Flowers are a very traditional way of paying tribute to our loved ones. We have a whole post on choosing the right flowers and a well trained florist will be able to offer suggestions for suitable flowers and arrangements.

Environmental considerations

Ideally, we should all be mindful of the transport costs and impact of everything we buy. Locally sourced flowers in season, or from a hot house are the ‘greenest’ choice.

Make sure that there will be no ‘fake’ additions that can harm wildlife or the soil e.g. fake berries, snow spray, glitter and plastic.

If possible a reusable metal frame that can be collected reduces the one use plastic. A hand tied bouquet avoids the need for oasis or other stabilising products.

Ultimately, these are very personal choices. Any one thing you can change will have a positive impact. Instead of cut flowers, the greenest option is a living memorial planting. offer suggestions for suitable flowers and arrangements.